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Every Day A Mom

Every Day A Moms come in all colours, shapes and social status

Every Day A Moms come in all colours, shapes and social status

By Helena Kaufman The Afro News Vancouver

Every day, a mother rises to manage a job that requires many specialized skills for which she may not have been prepared with higher education, professional training or even a role model from earlier in her life.

Her life long duties call on her to be a chef, caregiver, engineer, laundry specialist, bookkeeper, chauffeur, mediator, nurse, architect, weight lifter, plumber, long distance runner, event manager, clown, guidance counsellor, law maker, gardener and purchasing agent.

She is usually on call 24 hours in a day, every day.

No matter how old they are, she worries about her children, be they near or far. For a mom, every day is mother’s day.

Virtually every woman can qualify as a mom. No need to limit due to a biological event. Women at any age, care for others around them. Most are hard wired to be soft, to be listeners, to go the extra steps to help. They might mother friends, family, co-workers, students, or older adults, in need of a respite from being – in control.

Moms come in all colours, shapes and social status. Blended families bring combinations of nationalities, ages and abilities. In addition, families of choice exist where people have created families beyond traditional roles or gender limitations. Mothers exist in all of this contemporary change and choice.

With each Mother’s Day we celebrate, we all come a year closer to understanding the mothers who gave us life. For in the end, regardless of the perceived quality of mom, or the extent of influence or duration of time she has in our lives, the unalterable fact is the one of each life coming from a living woman.

In their lives, all women will be mothers to someone, for some time. We owe our opportunity to fulfill any role due to our being granted life by a mother. Happy Day and year long appreciation to all women

Dear Readers: Please share your message of HOW YOU celebrated Mother’s Day 2010 and how you marked it in your childhood. We’d like to know how Mothers are appreciated in other times, cultures and countries!

Send your mail to me at Let’s have MOM represented in all her beauty, from all over the world.

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  1. With much appreciation we must be thankful and grateful to all woman around the world for the are service to humanity KMG


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