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From left to right: Judge Arthur Downes, Herbert H. Carnegie, Audrey Carnegie, Bernice Carnegie, Harvey Starkman, Dr. Lorne Foster

An Emotional 92nd Birthday For A Canadian Hero

Toronto native Herb Carnegie celebrated his 92nd birthday November 8th at his Don Mills retirement home. Carnegie was considered a superb all-round athlete in his playing days. Besides his hockey achievements he won 16 golf titles including two that broke color barriers and he is the only Black Canadian to win two national titles (1977, 1978).

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Garrison Duke Guest Bill Good show discussing StasCan Report on Hate Crimes

Vancouver a Need of More Level of Tolerance

Make no mistake this is an alarming report and may have drawn attention to something foreboding! Something that perhaps has been quietly simmering below this city’s multi-cultural surface. The study indicates three major areas of concern, hate crimes that are directed at ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

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Black history In CANADA

A Textbook of African Canadian Knowledge

The book has several features including: Description and brief analysis of specific landmark accomplishments in the visual arts, literature, music and architecture, sketches of Black leaders in politics, economics, philosophy, technology, social reform and the arts and a Teacher’s Resource that includes assessment and evaluations tools and strategies.

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HIV & AIDS in the Black Canadian population

HIV & AIDS: A Troubling Issue for Black Canadian Immigrants PART II

Recent statistics have indicated that HIV is at a crisis level in black communities in Canada.

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HIV & AIDS: A Troubling Issue for Afro Canadian Immigrants PART I

Awareness campaigns have led to increased knowledge of the disease, its prevalence and risk populations; in many cases have led to a decrease in stereotypes and discrimination and in general has brought about a greater degree of commitment and show of resources from governments, non-governmental organizations and private personnel alike.

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