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Kesean Williams

It Makes No Sense!

is a term used to describe what police say is a factor in the gun violence occurring in the city. They say the guns are hidden in various places such as under floor boards, in garages, air ducts, etc., and in many cases shared with gang members and the like.

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Relentless Charismatic Leader of the 21st Century President Barack OBAMA -TheAfroNews

The best is yet to come

The President’s personal leadership style is that of self discipline and a commitment to positive self-belief of having confidence that he can succeed by staying true to his ethics, remaining optimistic even when the odds aren’t great and by not letting fear of failure get him down. He believes that the brightest days are still ahead.

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Vernon Nash (second right) along with those recognized by Banyan Tree Society

Modern Pioneers

Hats off to Vernon Nash for founding The Alberta Banyan Tree Society and for recognizing the “Modern Pioneers” as people of good moral character who make themselves available to help the Community when in need.

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Dudley Laws Iconic Advocate for Justice and Peace

Dudley Laws -Iconic Advocate for Justice & Peace

Dudley Laws lost his battle with Cancer and Kidney disease. He spent his life advocating for justice especially as it pertained to young Black youth. He died in hospital at the age of 76; a week after the Jamaican Canadian Association honored him for his many years of community service.

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TAN - Networks The Afro News Joy OH Joyeux !

Tools for Growth in Our Afric Communities

The Afro News respectfully introduces this piece and asks readers to consider its content across time, as well as across the waters. We continue to remember the incredible upheavals and to look forward to the rebuilding of Haiti as one of the key pieces in the matrix of both the Afric world and the global context.

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Glyn Townson Chair of B.C Persons AIDS Society

The need for AIDS education and conversation interviewed chair of BC Persons AIDS society Glyn Townson

AIDS pandemic hit the mainstream media, but many communities including ones in the Lower Mainland, have neglected the issue since the virus has slowly dropped from news headlines. The question is why has the public shut down the dialogue?

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Monogamy Is It Relevant? – Controversial Topic of Recent Forum

By michelle-lee  The Afro News Ontario Black Daddies Club founder Brandon Hay recently held the first of a series of forums – an adult only evening to raise the topic “Monogamy… is it relevant?” Hay, a 30-year old married father of three young sons, launched the club two years ago because he was upset that […]

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“Hold Your Breath and Shine a Light:” Bebe Moore Campbell’s 72 Hour Hold

Keri Whitmore’s daughter Trina is perfect by her mother’s own admission: her beauty is striking and her standing as a straight-A student would make her the envy of any parent. Keri, who tells Trina’s story is taken with her daughter’s beauty and surprised by the fact that it could not suffice to ease Trina’s way in the world.

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TPS Conference on Racial Profiling Applauded.

By michelle-lee The Afro News Ontario The Toronto Police Service (TPS) hosted a one day conference titled “Racially Biased Policing: Trends and Progressive Solutions”. Attending the conference were more than 250 officers from 25 services across Ontario. The keynote speaker was Deputy Chief Keith Forde who prefaced his address by saying that he hoped officers […]

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Nova Scotian Senator Donald H .Oliver, Q.C. Receives Award

The Afro News Toronto , October 24, 2009 – Nova Scotian resident and Conservative Senator, the Honourable Senator Donald H. Oliver, Q.C. was honoured at the Planet Africa Awards gala, for making a profound difference in the lives of people of African heritage. Senator Oliver was awarded in the prestigious Leadership Award category. Dr. Alexander […]

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