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Family Maters

Family Maters

The truth about failure is that everyone experiences it at sometime. Whether great or small, we will all have to face it to some degree. Failure in and of its self is not scary.

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Kids in the Spotlight

Kids in the Spotlight

The inspiration for taking the program abroad was a combination of bringing the project to different communities and cultures and offering a challenge to the youth interns who have been putting on the project for years, giving them a new experience to benefit their own personal learning and growth.

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Battling Child Witchcraft Accusation

Battling child witchcraft accusation

If children are accused of witchcraft, who accused them? It is the pitiable adults, mostly from the children’s families. If is the adults, then the adults are unenlightened and aren’t aware of the destruction they are causing the youth and Africa’s future. And why will the adults entertain such beliefs in 2010,

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Bite of the Mango Sweetens Success for One Sierra Leone Woman

Helena Kaufman The Afro News Vancouver  small to carry the weight of her experience and the story that results from it. Unlike many of the child victims of war, the horrors Kamara saw, the assaults on her spirit and the brutality she experienced from age 12, are now being read and discussed by young people […]

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