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Letter to the editor

The anguish the people of Japan must be going through in the horrific aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami is unimaginable. Their calm stoicism and amazing resilience is to be greatly admired

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  • Peace Corps & AmeriCorps Pledge to Expand Outreach Efforts on Ways to Reduce Student Loan Debt through Public Service
  • Osama Bin Laden's son-in-law, who was an al-Qaeda spokesman after 9/11, has been sentenced to life in prison
  • Ghanaian Software Developers Launch Suba ://www.theafronews.com/ghanaian-software-developers-launch-suba/
  • Ghanaian Software Developers Launch Suba http://t.co/jlWXfjOV73
  • Ghanaian Software Developers Launch Suba, Changing the Way We Share Event Photos
  • French tourist has been kidnapped in Algeria by a militant group linked to Islamic State (IS), French Foreign Minister has confirmed

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