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The Arabian Peninsula Peace & Guidance Project for Spiritual Tolerance

The Guidance and Tolerance Project in the Arabian Pensula without Borders, facilitators have years of international experience in education and work around Conflict Resolution in many areas around the world with fragile governance processes and that, are on the brink of internal collapse due to imploding demands that were not being met by their governments

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Zimbabwe Reconciliation Feature -Mugabe -Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe’s Leaders Preach Faith, Hope and Charity

The future of this resource-rich teapot-shaped Southern African country will be determined by what the common people wish,” continues Mutambara, adding: “We can unite without being uniform!”

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Inspirations of Peace Recognized with YMCA Awards

In a brief, pre-presentation interview, Afshin-Jam said she was directing her speech at kids and youth. Her engaging speech gave step-by-step actions ordinary people can take to make change happen, in any cause or issue they believed in strongly. The event’s call to action captured as, “Think it.

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  • SAGE Foundation GoFundMe Project https://t.co/Pep69mickA
  • Peace Peace Peace in all Nation on Earth
  • Israel prime minister has said racism in the country must be eliminated after protests by Ethiopian Israelis against alleged discrimination
  • hostages held by Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria say some fellow captives were stoned to death as the army approached to rescue
  • The Somali government has told media houses to stop referring to militant group al-Shabab by their name
  • Senegal is to send 2,100 troops to support the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, its foreign minister says

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