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Not-so-modest proposals for improving the CPP/QPP

Half of middle-income Canadians over 40 will see a significant decline in their standard of living post-retirement

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How Much CPP And OAS Can You Expect?

Thinking about your ‘salary’ in retirement, you’re probably starting with the income that is guaranteed. But do you know how much to expect or how to calculate the reduced amount you’ll likely receive? Do you have a good sense of the impact on your taxable income?

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Should You Put Retirement on Hold ?

Should You Put Retirement on Hold ?

To make ends meet, many people begin drawing reduced benefits from Social Security before reaching full retirement (65 for those born before 1938 and gradually increasing to 67 thereafter). This can have several financial consequences

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  • Zimbabwe The E-Waste Basket of The Region http://t.co/NrRGEQA51O
  • Uganda has been stripped of the right to host the ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament because of security concerns.
  • Journalist Michael Scott Moore, who has dual US and German citizenship, has been released after nearly three years in captivity in Somalia
  • Nigeria's MPs are investigating how $9.3m of government money ended up on a private jet in South Africa
  • Ebola outbreak threatens to become a political crisis that could unravel years of effort to stabilise West Africa, a think tank has warned
  • US warplanes have carried out new air strikes on Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria, hitting vehicles and arms dumps

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